Regarding Point program

What is AOCS Points (BETA)?

AOCS points are a point program to give out to customers who use AOCS with a feeling of gratitude.

How can accumulate AOCS points?

You can get AOCS points in the following ways.

Purchasing and using

When you complete the payment for AOCS payment request, you will receive points per order.

Invite your friends

If your friend uses AOCS after registering with AOCS using your own "Invitation Code", you will receive points for both personnel.
Details of the points provided
Order (Per Order) 30pt
Invite Friends (Invited and invited users each) 50pt

What is the User Stage?

Each time the AOCS point exceeds a certain value, the user stage rises. Depending on the user stage, AOCS provides additional functionalities and many convenient services.

Notes of AOCS Point program

  • Features of Points

    AOCS points have no monetary value and cannot be used for any purpose other than to elevate the user stage by the number of points (Auto).

  • Identify Points

    You can view the current point and its history and user stage from the "My Page" > "AOCS Points" page after logging in.

  • Expiration of Points

    Points are valid for one year after they are issued for each given point.

  • Revocation of Points by Resignation

    If you unsubscribe from AOCS, your points will expire regardless of the expiration date.

  • Other

    There is a possibility that the number of benefits, points required and points granted at each level will be changed without prior notice. We appreciate your understanding.

Let's get AOCS points!

Welcome to AOCS!

Anime Otaku Carry Service

What is AOCS proxy purchase service?

AOCS will purchase items from doujinshi online shops from Japan for you and send them to your country.