You could easily purchase doujinshis
from Japan!

Welcome to AOCS!

Anime Otaku Carry Service

What is AOCS proxy purchase service?

AOCS will purchase items from doujinshi online shops from Japan for you and send them to your country.


ToranoanaSupported ecommerce platforms

Toranoana online website

shipping cost in Japan:maximum $6
More than 2.5 million Japanese and overseas customers, with more than 100,000 registered circles of creators! It is the world's largest "Doujin" shop with 25 shops nationwide including 4 shops in Akihabara with a huge online shop. One of the best in the industry dealing with varieties of genres. Handling more than 50,000 goods for woman in stock anytime! Well known as the best varieties of dojin goods in the world.

You can send Toranoana's popular doujinshis to overseas!

Doujinshi for Women.

Doujinshi for Men.

Why AOCS ...?


Rapid and economical shippment

AOCS uses EMS delivery service to guarantee a safe and secured delivery of your package. According to the regulation of EMS, if your package were damaged or partly missing during the delivery, a maximum of 20,000 JPY will be paid for the actual loss at no extra charge.

* When claiming compensation over 20,000 JPY, please make a contact through Help - Contact form.

Identity confirmation unnecessary

When using the oversea forwarding service, submission of identity verification documents is required.
But, in AOCS, as we purchase the products instead of you, there will not involve any troublesome identity authentication procedures.

A verified payment method

AOCS accepts Alipay, Paypal and credit card payment methods.


You could easily purchase doujinshis
from Japan!